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We offer innovative tailored learning experiences

Our high-standard Management and Leadership Corporate Academies utilize e-learning, workshops, gamification, and coaching deliver immersive, interactive experiences that engage and empower learners like never before, helping businesses stay at the forefront of knowledge and skills.

Elevating Management & Leadership Skills

Developing Tomorrow's Leaders with Harvard ManageMentor®

Harvard ManageMentor combines cutting-edge industry insights with practical skills training. Whether you’re looking to enhance leadership capabilities, foster strategic thinking, or cultivate effective communication skills, our eLearning courses are accurately crafted to meet your unique business needs.

Revolutionize your learning journey

Unlock unlimited possibilities for growth, productivity, and success

Harness Skillsoft’s cloud-based corporate eLearning content, including courses, videos, books, skill benchmarking and other resources on Leadership Development (powered by MIT Sloan Management Review), Business Skills, Digital Transformation, and Compliance.

Immerse Your Team in Interactive Learning

Experiences with Cutting-Edge Business Simulation Games

Unleash the power of gamification and experiential learning with Celemi’s innovative business simulation games. Our off-the-shelf online and on-site simulation games create a realistic and immersive environment where individuals can navigate corporate scenarios, tackle challenges, and improve their skills.

Gamified Learning

Drive Employee Performance with Bite-sized, Gamified, and Personalized Microlearning on Any Device

Unlock the true potential of your workforce with Mobietrain’s innovative gamified microlearning platform. Our solution delivers engaging and personalized learning content directly to your employees’ smartphones, empowering them to learn anytime, anywhere, and at their own pace.

Meta team

Explore Your Team's Excellence with Meta Team

Crafting Tailored Success through Inclusive Team Diagnostic Assessment

Discover the power of Meta Team in reshaping team dynamics. Grounded in science and research, their approach instills courage, collaboration, and cohesion to drive business success. Experience an inclusive team diagnostic, identification of high-impact behaviors, and complete customization for unparalleled team growth.

Our Solutions


Harvard ManageMentor

Being Essential relaunched its exclusive partnership for Greece and Cyprus with Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) ® aiming to help organizations develop future leaders with high-quality, world-class leadership solutions.


Skillsoft Leadership Development Program

Our exclusive collaboration with Skillsoft offers Skillsoft Leadership Development Program (SLDP) powered by MIT Sloan Management Review® that brings a powerful combination of leading-edge learning resources and a world-renowned thought leadership.


Skillsoft Coaching

A Customized Solution for Developing Effective Leaders offers you one-on-one and group coaching sessions that focus on the behaviours and skills that you need to succeed as a leader at any level of the organization.


Skillsoft Business Skills

Designed to deliver courses on critical topics that are most important to today’s digitally driven marketplace, we offer thousands of high-quality video courses, practice labs and learning journeys that learners can easily find, track and play.


Skillsoft Compliance

A successful compliance program is not about rules – it is about people. It should protect your employees and communicate your company’s values and principles.


Business Simulations

Being Essential is proud to partner with Celemi, offering ground-breaking Business Simulation and tailored solutions to reproduce corporate scenarios and challenges.



Designed to deliver courses on critical topics that are most important to today’s digitally driven marketplace, we offer thousands of high-quality video courses, practice labs and learning journeys that learners can easily find, track and play.


Meta Team

An inclusive digital diagnostic that uniquely identifies your team’s bright spots and growth opportunities against the eight core habits shared by all high-performing teams.

Blended Learning Methodology

At Being Essential, we continuously research, offer and develop a variety of innovative blended learning programs that cater to different needs and preferences. Our programs are based on six main categories:

Interactive Workshops
Action Group Learning
Assessment Tools

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Our Valued Customers

Client Testimonials

Dora Chatziaggelidi

HR Manager, Calin Group

“Being Essential’s extensive experience helped us ensure that the “Leading the team” training program was perfectly tailored to meet our needs! Our cooperation at all stages was characterized by precision, consistency, and efficiency.”

Karina Skouteri

Manager, Recruitment & Development, Athens International Airport

At AIA, our aim is to continuously develop skills and behaviors that leaders need to effectively manage our business and engage our employees for success. We recognize that the skills required for leadership positions differ from those needed as individual contributors and also differ between leadership levels. To bridge such gaps, we partnered with Being Essential to develop our Leadership Academy precisely addressing the leadership skills and behaviors necessary for leadership progression at AIA. Being Essential brought their extensive expertise and best-of-breed content so that we create a robust leadership development training program with their guidance and resources.

Giorgos Katsouranis

Head of Training and Development, Piraeus Bank

Being Essential’s consultants always sat at the table with us, not to convince us to purchase more licenses, but to find ways together to make our training programs a great experience for participants and a truly beneficial investment for the Group. Being Essential is considered as one of our most important strategic partners in developing the competencies of our executives.