Future-Proof Your Workforce with Being Essential

Your go-to partner for in-demand skill training. Our expertly designed programs, informed by innovative learning science and top industry experts, ensure your employees are equipped with the latest skills

As a leading digital learning company, we specialize in providing organizations with the tools they need to help their employees stay relevant and adapt to the ever-changing world of business. Founded in 2008, we have trained more than 50.000 individual contributors, managers, and business leaders in Greece and abroad.

Reveal true potential


We are passionate about revealing people’s true potential. We do this by creating innovative, tailored learning experiences in collaboration with leading global organizations.


Corporate academies

Our high-standard management and leadership corporate academies utilize workshops, e-learning,  gamification, and coaching to empower individuals and transform organizations.


Maximize performance

We actively support companies improving their people, developing their competencies, maximizing their performance effectiveness, and aligning individual and corporate goals, into the best possible way.

Achievement of exceptional results

Our commitment lies in the achievement of exceptional results, through pioneering courses and leading, worldwide-recognized methods, firmly delivered with the aid of our well-experienced consultants.

Our groundbreaking methodology and our exclusive collaborations with leading international organizations and educational institutions guarantee customized corporate training programs and academies responding to your profile. Every change becomes an opportunity for your employees through our methodology. We provide individuals with a platform to broaden their knowledge, sharpen their skills, and envision innovative solutions that elevate outcomes through their resolute engagement.

Our e-learning courses cover a range of topics, including leadership, business skills, and compliance. With our portfolio of courses, we aim to equip your team with the powerful skills they need to thrive in the modern workplace. Our instructor-led either virtual or classroom workshops are designed to boost your team develop adaptability, agility, communication, and collaboration.