We were founded in 2008, so as to provide straightforward, integrated, cutting edge business solutions concerning the Development of Human Resources. We actively support companies improving their people, developing their competencies, maximizing their performance effectiveness and ultimately aligning individual and corporate goals, into the best possible way.

Our commitment lies into the achievement of exceptional results, through pioneering courses and leading, worldwide-recognized methods, firmly delivered with the aid of our well-experienced consultants. Our groundbreaking methodology and our exclusive collaborations with leading international companies and educational institutions guarantee customized corporate training programs and academies responding to your profile. Every change becomes opportunity for your employees through our methodology. We give them the opportunity to enrich their knowledge, to develop their skills and to envision new actions that maximize results through their substantial commitment!

We want to become our clients’ most essential associates, within the field of human resources development, providing thus, a differentiated perspective into Greek market, which encapsulates innovative tools and added value services.

Structure &

01. Managing Team

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Kostas Kadis


01. Our Team

The internal team of Being Essential is composed of ambitious people, with different yet complementary to one another elements, forming thus, a powerful and dynamic team. Despite their diversity, they all share the same enthusiasm in coming up with innovative ideas, progressing both individually and collectively and above all, serving customers in the best possible way by building and maintaining strong bonds with them.

02. Content Development

A critical component for a successful content is having the right people in the right roles, devoted to content development. Our experts have the depth of knowledge and the experience to deliver exactly what your organization needs. Our team is agile and wears multiple hats to ensure that content production goes off without a hitch.

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Antigoni Voulgaraki

Head of Solution Architect

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Antigoni Voulgaraki

Solution Architect

03. Main Training Experts / Associate Partners

Our team of Associate Partners (expert consultants, trainers & coaches) holds the theoretical background and the necessary practical experience to develop solutions that respond to any corporate goals and challenges that an Organization may face. They strongly hold the ability to successfully engage, motivate and coach participating teams, through the use of our innovative tools and programs.