AI Mastery for Greek Businesses: A Collaborative Journey with Skillsoft

AI Mastery for Greek businesses

In the dynamic landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the evolution goes beyond acquiring technical skills; it’s about fostering a harmonious collaboration between human intelligence and AI technology. Today, more than ever, businesses in Greece require a blend of technological proficiency and human-centric skills to navigate disruptions effectively. At Being Essential, in collaboration with Skillsoft, we understand the importance of not just acquiring AI skills but also learning to collaborate seamlessly with AI to augment human capabilities.

Fostering Collaboration: Blending Tech and Human Skills

Not only is it essential for employees to acquire the right AI skills, but they also need to understand how to collaborate effectively with AI to enhance their human intelligence. The synergy of technological and human skills is crucial for meaningful work in the face of disruption. By integrating AI technology with creativity, communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration, employees can unlock the full potential of both worlds.

Skillsoft’s AI Curriculum: A Pathway to Awareness and Proficiency

From a learning and development perspective, this entails having a comprehensive AI curriculum that centers around awareness, education, and skill-building. Skillsoft, as a leader in this domain, is transforming the way employees learn and collaborate with AI through its cutting-edge content and Skillsoft Aspire Journeys.

1. Building Awareness:

The curriculum educates the workforce on the potential impact of AI in their daily roles and opportunities to leverage AI for meaningful work. It establishes a common language and shared understanding of GenAI across the organization, empowering team members to use it responsibly and effectively.

2. Skillsoft Aspire Journeys:

Skillsoft’s newly launched Skillsoft Aspire Journeys offer multi-modal learning paths designed to foster subject literacy from the front line to the c-suite. Covering topics from “Generative AI Foundations and Guardrails” to “AI and ML for Decision-Makers,” these journeys provide comprehensive content on reimagining work, leading with transformation, and developing the human skills necessary to sustain an AI transformation.

3. Enterprise Literacy for Generative AI:

The Enterprise Literacy for Generative AI Aspire Journey comprises courses focused on Foundations of Generative AI, Responsible Applications and Guardrails for Generative AI, Reimagining Work with Generative AI, Leading an AI Transformation, and Human Skills to Sustain an AI Transformation. These courses empower learners to understand core principles and responsibly use generative AI across various business functions.


Assessing and Bridging Skill Gaps: Skill Benchmarks for Generative AI

To facilitate personalized learning journeys, Skillsoft has introduced Skill Benchmarks for Generative AI. These benchmarks evaluate learners’ proficiency in key areas, such as technology principles, responsible usage, and impact on work. Learners receive personalized recommendations based on their assessments, enabling them to progress from AI literacy to mastery while addressing specific skill gaps within their organizations.

Empowering Greek Businesses for an AI-Driven Future

At Being Essential, as the exclusive reseller of Skillsoft in Greece, we are committed to empowering Greek businesses with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in an AI-driven future. The collaborative journey with Skillsoft ensures that your organization not only embraces AI but transforms it into a strategic advantage.

Ready to embark on this collaborative journey toward AI mastery? Contact us today, and let’s shape the future together.

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