Enhancing Organizational Learning and Development with Business Simulation Games

Unleashing the Power of Experiential Learning

Being Essential is proud to partner with Celemi as a certified country representative in Greece, offering their groundbreaking Business Simulation games. Celemi’s off-the-shelf online and on-site business simulation games reproduce corporate scenarios and challenges, enabling individuals to test their skills and explore new concepts in a realistic, comfortable, and hands-on environment.

Are you curious about what a business simulation is and how it can benefit your organization?

A business simulation is a dynamic tool that can enhance your team’s organizational learning and development. By using business simulations, your team can learn to align their efforts with your company’s strategy, improve their financial and business acumen, and ultimately drive your organization’s bottom line.¬†
The goal of a simulation is to provide a platform to experiment with real-life situations without risking your business. Our business simulations are not just entertaining games; they are comprehensive educational experiences that replicate actual workplaces or operations.

They provide your employees with an opportunity to try out new skills and knowledge, make mistakes and have fun, all in a secure environment. Each Celemi solution is founded on their core methodology ‘The Power of Learning, designed to engage, inspire and motivate individuals to learn new information quickly and apply it immediately.
With more than 25 years of experience, an impressive list of clients, and over 3.4 million participants in 70 countries, Celemi’s approach and solutions, coupled with our experience and knowledge, lead to improved business outcomes for any organization, regardless of size or sector.

Here's a catalog of ready-made business simulation games that can be quickly implemented


Strategic: Covers topics such as Leadership, Sales & Marketing, Talent Management

External: Covers topics such as Finance, KAM / Opportunity Management


Operational: Covers topics such as Project Success, SCM and Working Capital


Internal: Covers topics such as Change Management and Innovation


Experience a New Level of Learning with Our Transformative Business Simulations