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Equip managers with the capabilities to lead in the modern workforce. Through our exclusive partnership with Skillsoft, our extensive library of best-in-class business skills training content covers foundational competencies, digital transformation skills, and workplace essentials.

Designed to deliver more than 40.000 courses on critical topics that are most important to today’s digitally driven marketplace, we offer thousands of high-quality video courses, practice labs and learning journeys that learners can easily find, track and play. Microlearning video content allows busy employees to consume learning quickly and conveniently, from their desk or anywhere they choose via Skillsoft’s personalized learning platform, Percipio.


  • Instructional Design: Courses developed by industry experts and reviewed by in-house learning professionals to ensure quality.
  • Compelling Content: Compelling course delivery through acting, 3D graphics and rapid motion with real-world scenarios addressing pragmatic issues, problems, and situations.
  • Instructional Strategies: Selected for relevancy, presented, and validated by adult learning science and research.
  • Certification: Wide range of content aligned to certifications, with a tracked pass rate of 92%.
  • Expert-led: Access to world-class expert insights courses to supplement foundational course content.

Our courses are divided into three categories to suit your needs and goals:


Business Skills

Learn the essential skills that every professional needs to succeed in today’s dynamic and complex business environment. From communication and collaboration to critical thinking and problem-solving, these courses will help you develop your confidence and competence in any situation.


Collaboration Tools

Master the tools that enable you to work effectively with others across time zones and cultures. Whether it is Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, Zoom or Slack, these courses will teach you how to use them efficiently and productively.


Digital Transformation

Embrace the opportunities and challenges of the digital age with these courses that cover topics such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity, data analytics and more. These courses will help you understand the trends and technologies that are shaping the future of work and society.

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