Technology is rapidly growing, and so can you. Maximize your time with learning that fits into the cracks of your calendar, and with skills that can be applied directly to the projects in front of you. Prove your expertise and grow in your organization.

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The  “Technology & Developer Expert” e-library is the only IT Collection in the world that stands out thanks to the huge collection of e-learning courses (more than 3,000 courses, 7,300 books, audiobooks and summaries), which focus on popular topics (AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Big Data, security, Agile, .NET, Python, Mobile Apps, Project Management etc.), while giving learners the flexibility to receive an excellent and intensive preparation for certification  such as Microsoft, AWS, CISCO, PMI, Oracle, ITIL, CISSP etc. ( through evaluation tests, laboratory monitoring and live communication (Ask a Mentor).

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    Being Essential is the Skillsoft authorized partner for Greece & Cyprus.