Percipio for teams

Your workforce needs you to restore the sense of community that once empowered them to build, share, and apply their knowledge — together. But “together” has a whole new meaning in a pandemic. So, learning professionals must meet employees where they are. With the Skillsoft Percipio app for Microsoft Teams, you’ll engage your people in a community-driven platform where they’ll learn in the flow of their work, their team, and across the company. And that’s how your organization will win. Because your workforce will do more than learn, they’ll adapt and evolve together, wherever they are — gaining the future-fit skills your enterprise needs to compete and thrive.



Bringing Percipio into the Microsoft Teams universe has benefits for learning and development (L&D) professionals, and for learners themselves. This includes:

Learning in the flow of work: Learning professionals are in the driver’s seat. Every employee using Percipio for Teams can learn in the format, schedule, and structure that’s right for them. After finding the skills they need using the chatbot, learners can launch videos, books, audiobooks, hands-on practice labs — whatever their job calls for at that moment. And they can do all of this without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.

Learning in the flow of community: Percipio for Teams also lets employees instantly share helpful learning content with their peers, colleagues, and teammates in impromptu chats, group meetings, brainstorm sessions, and more. Enabling learning in the flow of working together, managers who lead teams can create virtual learning groups, recommend content, and assign learning paths — and then open the floor to discussion to help employees absorb what they have learned.

Learning in the flow of the organization: Learning can be pinned inside project teams or cohorts sites (in a learning tab) so that all the members of that team can see which learning is required or recommended for team members. This merges work and learning into their Teams page. At each step along the way, learners can ask questions, share ideas, work together, and apply their growing knowledge toward urgent real-time needs, the organization’s most prominent goals, and whatever business challenges the future may bring. By enabling their workforce to learn in the continuously evolving flow of work, enterprises can increase adoption and rekindle engagement.


What will I be able to do with the Skillsoft Percipio app for Microsoft Teams?​
The app enables users to access Percipio directly from MS Teams, promoting learning in the flow of work, social sharing, team-based learning, and collaborative learning in cohorts.

Will there be an extra cost for the Skillsoft Percipio app for Microsoft Teams? ​
The Percipio app for Microsoft Teams is considered a feature of the core Percipio platform. There is no extra cost.

Will my users’ activities in the Skillsoft Percipio app for MS Teams sync to the rest of Percipio?
Yes, all activity across all access points (web, mobile, ELSA, MS Teams) will sync. Learners can resume learning anywhere.​

Where will I see user activity of the Skillsoft Percipio app for MS Teams?​
The Executive Report displays the number of users who accessed the Percipio app for MS Teams. Skillsoft Percipio tracks all learning activities in the reports and dashboards. Think of the Percipio app for MS Teams as a new access point for your Percipio site.

Will my custom content, custom channels, custom Aspire Journeys, assignments be included? 
Learners will have one-click access to your entire Percipio site right from Teams, including Skillsoft content, linked content, custom content, assignments, recommendations, admin-promoted content, digital badges, custom Aspire Journeys, custom Channels — everything.

Will all languages work in the Skillsoft Percipio app for Microsoft Teams?​
You can change the language of the content the same way you change it in Percipio.

Will this work with the Microsoft Teams mobile app?
Yes — mobile capability will be available after the initial launch.

How will this be deployed? 
Similar to an app for your smartphone, this app can easily be installed organization-wide. The actual installation will take less than five minutes. The Percipio app for MS Teams will exist in the official MS Teams app store.