Maximizing Business Growth through Bite-sized Learning Initiatives


In the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation, businesses face the pressing need to adapt swiftly to changing workplace skill demands. The urgency for agile responses has underscored the importance of continuous Learning and Development (L&D) programs, fostering both personal and professional growth—a trend accelerated by the recent global pandemic.

Embracing Microlearning

As a result of this evolution, there’s a noticeable shift towards more flexible online and hybrid learning patterns. The buzzword here is ‘microlearning,’ gaining traction as companies strive to accommodate employees with diverse commitments and learning preferences. Microlearning, breaking down content into easily digestible chunks, resonates well with leadership teams navigating challenges posed by highly distributed workforces.

This approach holds particular appeal for remote, hybrid and on-the-go employees, given its ability to present information in manageable portions, making it both accessible and palatable. Beyond convenience, bite-sized learning is believed to enhance retention rates, boost engagement, and offer actionable insights—qualities that position it as an efficient strategy for addressing the rapidly changing business landscape and supporting long-term L&D programs.

Overcoming the Forgetting Curve

The effectiveness and convenience of bite-sized learning are not novel concepts. Dating back to the 1880s, German psychologist Herman Ebbinghaus delved into how memories fade over time. His ‘Forgetting Curve’ visually depicted the sharp decline in retention immediately after learning without reinforcement. Ebbinghaus highlighted the significance of meaningful information and the ‘spaced learning’ approach, emphasizing the importance of reviewing new information at key intervals to deepen understanding.

Strategically planned bite-sized sessions align with spaced learning, encouraging participants to review and implement actions, reinforcing memory and preparing the groundwork for further learning. Research suggests that bite-sized learning significantly improves immediate learning and information retention while remaining cost-effective.

Benefits of Bite-sized Learning

  1. Ease of Deployment: Tailored to deliver optimum benefits in under an hour, these sessions seamlessly fit into a working day, enhancing attendance and reducing stress.

  2. Problem-specific Focus: Bite-sized learning addresses specific workplace challenges, such as performance management and effective delegation, enabling L&D teams to tailor training to organizational needs.

  3. Hyper-focused Engagement: With a concise running time of 50 minutes, each session is engaging, motivating, and empowering, providing an excellent time-to-value ratio with actionable takeaways.

  4. Flexibility: A modular approach allows L&D leaders to co-create programs suiting their needs, offering single or multiple sessions and topics for comprehensive learning units.

Enter MobieTrain: A Microlearning Marvel

At Being Essential, we empower our clients with the leading microlearning platform – MobieTrain. As the exclusive distributor of MobieTrain in Greece, we bring you a state-of-the-art solution that delivers personalized and bite-sized learning content directly to your employees’ smartphones, transforming the learning experience into one that is not only effective but also enjoyable.

MobieTrain goes beyond being a microlearning app; it transforms into a performance enablement platform for customer-facing teams. With the ability to create personalized learning paths for each employee based on their role, skills, and needs, MobieTrain becomes a powerful coaching tool. The app allows effective coaching through feedback and guidance while enabling organizations to monitor progress and measure impact, contributing to a culture of continuous improvement.

Seamless Integration and Global Trust

Trusted by over 1000 companies worldwide, MobieTrain seamlessly integrates with your existing platforms and tools, including Learning Management Systems (LMS), HR systems, and communication apps. Its adaptability makes it the ultimate solution for modern learning and performance improvement across various industries.

Tailored Services for Every Industry

At Being Essential, we recognize the importance of training frontline and on-the-go teams across industries. Our tailored services ensure that employees receive effective and engaging training, all within just 5 minutes a day. Whether you’re in retail, financial services, hospitality, or healthcare, you can create branded learning paths with your own content or leverage industry-specific best practices from our extensive library.

Revolutionize your approach to employee training with bite-sized learning powered by MobieTrain. Contact us to explore how Being Essential can elevate your L&D initiatives, ensuring your workforce stays ahead in the ever-changing business landscape.