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Empower Your Team's Journey to Excellence with Meta Team

Crafting Tailored Success through Inclusive Team Development

At Being Essential, we are thrilled to unveil our exclusive partnership with Meta Team – a pioneering force in team development, unlocking transformative growth and impact.

Meta team

Why choose Meta Team?

Meta Team is dedicated to reshaping team dynamics, instilling courage, collaboration, and cohesion to drive business success. Grounded in a proven model of inner and outer habits, Meta Team’s approach is backed by science and research, offering a unique and dynamic solution to fast-track team growth.

Our commitment lies in delivering:

  • Inclusive Team Diagnostic: Generate original insights by considering the perspectives of each team member, the team leader, the team leader’s manager, and crucial stakeholders.

  • Identification of High-Impact Behaviors: Uncover your team’s key strengths in a sequenced manner that propels your performance gains.

  • Complete Customization and Personalization: Tailor your team’s development journey with precision, supported by proven content and workouts.

Meta Team stands out by offering a fully integrated approach to team development. Let’s compare how it differs from others:
  • Leadership Development: Large positive effect on team performance, focusing on ‘We’ over ‘Me,’ delivered within the flow of a team’s work.

  • Learning and Development: Sustainable change quickly and cost-effectively, ensuring inclusivity and minimizing coach bias.

  • Team Building: Accelerates strategy execution by identifying root causes of barriers to team progress through its diagnostic.

  • Psychometrics: 360-degree view, includes stakeholder perspectives, and delivers dynamic, online, and clear outputs.

  • Diagnostic: Comprehensive 360-degree view, sequenced pathways based on proprietary research, and dynamic online solutions.

  • Solution: End-to-end, fully integrated solution driven by diagnostic results, with flexible and tailored team workouts delivered in the flow of team operations.

  • Accreditation and Support: Practical and accessible support, including 1-2-1 coaching and supervision during live client engagements.

Unlocking 8 Essential Habits

In our quest to unveil the secrets of high-performing teams, Meta Team has identified eight crucial habits: 4 inner and 4 outer, that distinguish extraordinary teams. These habits form the cornerstone of Meta Team’s objective data-driven team diagnostic, providing a roadmap for teams to achieve exceptional performance.

Outer Habits
  1. Taking Action: Responsive, dynamic teams that overcome obstacles. Weakness may lead to decision-making challenges.

  2. Influencing: Building lasting relationships with key influencers, enabling teams to fulfill their shared purpose.

  3. Agility: Strategically thinking teams creating a unique view of the landscape. Weakness may impact innovation and value delivery.

  4. Adapting: Teams consistently seizing opportunities to improve. Weakness correlates with overall team performance.

Inner Habits
  1. Trust: Teams sharing a spirit of togetherness, enabling individual talents to flourish. Weakness impacts speed of action, agility, and innovation.

  2. Resilience: Teams with a strong commitment to group success. Resilience is a key determinant of overall team effectiveness.

  3. Purpose: Teams understanding key influencers’ expectations deeply, resulting in a greater impact.

  4. Focus: Tightly integrated teams focused on deadlines and productivity. Weakness is related to resilience, agility, and speed of action.

Experience the transformative difference with Meta Team's evidence-backed approach. Join us in this tailored journey, customized to your team's unique needs, and let's unlock your team's next level of performance together.