MobieTrain: The microlearning platform that boosts your employees' performance and engagement

Mobietrain delivers personalized and bite-sized learning content to your employees' smartphones, making learning fun, easy and effective

Microlearning is a skill-based approach to learning that delivers short and relevant content for specific outcomes. It operates on the fundamental principle that individuals learn more effectively and retain information better when studying in short, spaced intervals. This versatile approach caters to diverse training requirements, including onboarding, compliance, and skill development. As the exclusive distributor of Mobietrain in Greece, Being Essential empowers its clients with the best microlearning platform that delivers engaging and effective training solutions in bite-sized chunks.

Mobietrain is not only a microlearning app, but also a performance enablement platform for customer-facing teams. It helps you educate, enable, and engage your employees with personalized and gamified learning content delivered to their smartphones. Creating personalized learning paths for each employee, based on their role, skills and needs, you can coach them effectively with feedback and guidance, and monitor their progress and impact with insightful data and analytics. Mobietrain integrates seamlessly with your existing platforms and tools, such as LMS, HR and communication apps. Trusted by over 1000 companies worldwide, Mobietrain is the ultimate solution for modern learning and performance improvement.

Benefits of using Mobietrain:


Mobile-first: Learn anytime, anywhere on your smartphone

Gamified: Earn points, badges, and rewards for learning


Adaptive: Get personalized content based on your preferences


Data-driven: Get insights and feedback on your learning progress and impact


At Being Essential, we understand that training your frontline and on-the-go team is crucial, regardless of the industry you operate in. Our tailored services ensure that your employees receive effective and engaging training in just 5 minutes a day. Whether you belong to the retail, financial services, hospitality, or healthcare, you can create your own branded learning paths with your own training content or leverage best practices from a library of industry-specific content.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your learning culture and boost your business results with Mobietrain