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Uniting Passion, Expertise, and Innovation with a Dedicated Team of Extraordinary Minds

Behind the scenes of Being Essential lies a dynamic team of passionate individuals driven by a shared purpose: to revolutionize and shape the future of learning. Our diverse group of experts brings together a wealth of knowledge, experience, and innovation, combining their unique talents to create remarkable solutions for our valued clients. Get to know our passionate team members who are dedicated to understanding your needs, delivering innovative solutions, and exceeding your expectations.

Our team

Our Team

Kostas Kadis

Managing Director

Meet our adventurous Managing Director, Kostas! With a visionary approach, he excels in business development, project management, and digital literacy, making him a true master in his field. Kostas’s brilliance is evident in his groundbreaking ventures, Being Essential and Compact, where he has revolutionized training services and pioneered e-learning solutions in Greece. Previously, he demonstrated his exceptional leadership skills as he oversaw operations and fostered global partnerships at Talentia Software Hellas. When he’s not conquering the business world, you’ll find Kostas indulging in his passions for watersports, biking, avidly playing table tennis, and even mastering the art of pizza making. Prepare to be inspired by his innovative spirit and zest for life!

Christina Tsilibokou


Say hello to our remarkable partner and visionary leader Christina! With her exceptional leadership, Being Essential has conquered the corporate learning realm in just seven short years, emerging as the unrivaled industry leader. Equipped with a degree in Robotics , Christina effortlessly combines her technical prowess with unparalleled business acumen. When she’s not revolutionizing the learning landscape, you’ll find Christina immersing herself in the depths of success through year-round swimming, conquering new challenges with each stroke. Off the clock, she indulges her palate with tantalizing Italian cuisine. Brace yourself for Christina’s relentless drive, innovative mindset, and an insatiable appetite for excellence that propels our team to new heights.

Martha Taklakoglou

Trainer, Learning Development Manager & Customer Success

Get ready to embark on a transformative journey with Martha, our versatile Trainer, Learning Development Manager, and Customer Success expert! With an unwavering passion for empowering businesses to soar through effective people and process management, Martha is a powerhouse. Her diverse business background, encompassing roles as a Change Manager, Consultant, Trainer, and Facilitator, has honed her skills to perfection. Martha’s global experience across 35 countries has immersed her in rich cultural experiences, collaborating closely with individuals from diverse nationalities and backgrounds. Just like a scuba diver exploring the depths of the sea, Martha dives deep into the intricacies of organizational growth, bringing forth a wealth of knowledge, cultural insights, and an unwavering commitment to your success.

Alexia Vasdeki

Partner & Trainer

Introducing the dynamic partner and trainer, Alexia! As a trainer, entrepreneur, and podcaster, she exudes a contagious passion for sharing her expertise on efficient business operations and building thriving teams. With a solid business background, Alexia has embraced multiple roles including Project Manager, Consultant, Trainer, and Facilitator, culminating in her journey as a passionate trainer and the proud founder of her own business. She also hosts the highly acclaimed business educational podcast in Greece, “Game of Money.” Here’s a delightful fun fact about Alexia: she grew up surrounded by more than 20 dogs, igniting her love for furry companions. Get ready to be inspired by Alexia’s wealth of knowledge, infectious energy, and her unwavering commitment to helping others succeed!

Christoforos Chavellas

Head of Operations

Introducing Christoforos, our remarkable Head of Operations! With a solid background in Statistics from Piraeus University, he brings a wealth of expertise to our team. Having worked for 14 years in the family construction and interior design business, Christoforos excelled as both the head of operations and a project manager. His responsibilities also encompassed financial management and ensuring exceptional customer experiences. Beyond his professional prowess, Christoforos finds joy in the depths of scuba diving and the thrill of tennis. Fun fact: he dreams of one day hosting his own stand-up comedy show. Get ready to experience Christoforos’ exceptional organizational skills, passion for customer satisfaction, and a sense of humor that adds a touch of levity to our team!

Zoi Adrianopoulou

Training and Development Specialist

Meet Zoi, our versatile Training and Development Specialist! Zoi’s academic journey has spanned continents and disciplines, reflecting her insatiable passion for learning, and understanding the world. She holds a BA in Psychology and an MSc in Social and Cultural Psychology. Zoi’s curiosity also led her to complete a Study Abroad Program at The American University in Cairo. Post-academia, she dedicated her skills to NGOs and the philanthropy sector, making a meaningful impact on vulnerable communities and grant implementations in Greece. Zoi also pursued social research in Greece and the UK. In recent years, she’s been a dedicated Learning and Development Specialist in Greece, empowering employees to achieve their professional and personal goals. Beyond work, Zoi packs a punch in the boxing ring, finds tranquility on winding hiking trails, and expresses her creativity through ceramics. Join Zoi on a transformative journey where her diverse experiences, academic excellence, and multifaceted interests converge to help you reach new heights, both personally and professionally.

Fai Karagiorgou

Training & Operations Coordinator

Step into the world of growth and inspiration with Fay, our dedicated Training Programs and Operations Coordinator! Fay’s journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to nurturing talent and personal growth. With a diverse background spanning the medical sector and the dynamic world of retail, Fay brings a unique perspective to learning and development. Her academic foundation in nursing and business administration from the University of West Attica underscores her dedication to this field. Like a skilled artist shaping clay into ceramics, Fay channels her creativity into ceramics and painting, infusing her work with passion and precision. She finds serenity amidst the rugged trails of hiking, where each step is a metaphor for the journey of growth and discovery. Additionally, Fay eloquently expresses herself through the written word, painting vivid stories and insights with her pen. Allow Fay to guide you on a transformative journey where her diverse experiences, academic excellence, and creative spirit help you unlock your fullest potential and nurture your personal and professional growth.

Nikos Papachristos

E-learning Specialist

Say hello to Nikos, our dedicated eLearning Specialist! With his expertise in designing and developing training programs, Nikos brings a technical edge to our team. With a strong background in eLearning solutions, he effortlessly combines technology and instructional design, creating seamless and engaging learning experiences. Nikos also offers valuable consulting services to optimize the learning journey. With a background in Mathematics, he brings a unique analytical perspective to his work. When Nikos isn’t conquering the world of eLearning, you’ll find him scaling new heights through rock climbing and enjoying the timeless tunes of classic rock. Get ready to elevate your learning experience with Nikos’ technical expertise, creative solutions, and a rockin’ passion for excellence!