Revolutionizing Leadership Development with SLDP Powered by MIT Sloan Management Review

Enhancing Skills through Innovative Leadership E-Learning Courses

Our exclusive collaboration with Skillsoft offers Skillsoft Leadership Development Program (SLDP) powered by MIT Sloan Management Review that brings a powerful combination of leading-edge learning resources, world-renowned thought leadership, proven instructional design, and an engaging learner experience in a single online platform. It offers visionary leadership development content that prepares leaders with the right competencies to drive performance and succeed in the digital era.

Why choose Skillsoft Leadership and Business Skills Training?

Leaders who are skilled in agile processes, change management, business strategy, and other emerging practices will be better equipped guiding their teams and organizations to INNOVATE, GROW and SUCCEED.

If there is anything that these past years have taught us, it is that organizations must be ready to face rapid change. Therefore, we must equip our people with ‘power skills’- adaptability, agility, communication, and collaboration, to cope with the pace of change, develop resilience and stay relevant. Digital learning is a powerful tool for leaders and learners both now and in the future.

Skillsoft Leadership Development Program (SLDP) addresses how organizations need to develop their leaders by providing a scalable, cost-effective, and engaging leadership development experience designed for modern, digital teams.

Drawing on world-renowned thought leadership from MIT SMR authors, SLDP covers over 30 Leadership competencies organized into three curated tracks: Leading Yourself, Leading Your Team, Leading the Business.

SLDP's learning content is turbo-charged when delivered on the award-winning learning experience platform Percipio. Percipio allows learners to take advantage of a beautifully designed, consumer grade environment that offers the choice of where, when, and how to learn with an accompanying mobile app. Percipio accelerates learning with the latest tech tools like voice commands, personalization, and playlists resulting in a compelling experience that keeps learners connected and coming back for more.

If you are ready to take your leadership and business skills to the next level, request a demo today and find out how Skillsoft Coaching can help you.