Leadership Development Program

At Being Essential we offer a new Leadership Development Program, in collaboration with our learning partner Skillsoft.

The Skillsoft Leadership Development Program (SLDP) is powered by MIT Sloan Management Review (MIT SMR),the pre-eminent content leader at the intersection of business and technology.

Did you know that up to 50% of new leaders fail on the job? It is also proven that poor leadership practices cost companies an amount equal to 8% of annual revenues, while 32% of an organization’s employee turnover can be avoided through better leadership.*

*Source: The High Cost of Poor Leadership by John Spence


Business environments are being disrupted by rapid market change

Organizations that say employees are assuming leadership roles without formal designations.

Organizations that say employees who aren’t currently supervising need leadership skills.

Source: Modernizing Leadership for a Digital Economy survey.

Six Truths of Modern Leadership Development

The new Skillsoft Leadership Development Program (SLDP) addresses the way in which organizations need to develop their leaders by providing a scalable, cost-effective and engaging leadership development experience designed for modern, digital teams.

And, most importantly, it delivers a competitive edge to your organization in a world where leaders must be comfortable with data analytics, design thinking, agile, AI, and other emerging technologies.

Leadership Development Program offers:

  • Visionary, research-based, quality content
  • Exclusive resources
  • More than 200 curated articles
  • MIT Sloan Management Review articles
  • MIT SMR contributor & author thought leadership and insights
  • Leadership Digital Readiness Assessments
  • Upcoming leadership learning paths
  • And even more features will be added in the future

Learners will benefit from MIT Sloan Management Review authors and contributors who stand at the intersection of business and technology and are experienced at making complex ideas understandable and practical.

Core Instruction Designed for Optimal Engagement

The Program’s content is designed with Gen Y and Gen Z audiences in mind. Millennials want to see the “how” through behavioral demonstration. That’s why the Program:

  • Engages both sides of brain through heavy use of emotion and story-telling.
  • Allows learners to tie learning to on-the-job behaviors, by using a balanced instructional flow that moves between instruction and example.
  • Offers exercises with practice questions within individual videos, a concise but thorough Leader SkillBrief for learning reinforcement and extensive tools for Application with Teams.

Leadership Development: A Program of 30 Topics

Leading Through the Challenge of Change

Setting and Managing Priorities

Building and Leading Successful Teams

Coordinating with your Leader Peers

Creating a Successful Business Execution Culture

Judgment and Decisiveness

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Leading Organizational Vision


Judgment and Decisiveness

Critical Thinking and Cognitive Flexibility

New Leader Transitions

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Leading with Mindfulness

The Agile Leader: Perseverance and Flexibility

Leading with Values & Ethics

Leading Virtually

Leading with Executive Presence

Strategic Thinking

Leading with Digital Technology

Influence and Persuasion

Leading Across Cultures

The Accountable Leader

Leading through Disruption

Developing People

Leading a Customer-Centric Culture

Leading Innovation

Motivational Leadership

Embracing Diversity in your Leadership

Women in Leadership

Discover the Program that builds leaders with
the modern competences necessary
to succeed in an age of continuous
transformation and learning!

Being Essential is the Skillsoft authorized partner for Greece, Cyprus & Serbia.